G & M Services, Inc.

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Dallas, Texas 75229

We specialize in Grading and Marking Patterns for the Apparel Industry. Digitize patterns for Company for backup of their patterns.

G & M Services

G&M Services has been one of the nation’s leading grading and marking service bureaus serving the sewn goods industry since 1992. We have earned a reputation for value, service and quality through our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs through computerized marking and grading. We are proud to serve a wide range of customers throughout the industry and across the country, from start-up companies to some of the largest corporations in the industry.

Our principals have almost half a century of combined experience in the garment industry and have worked as plant engineers, manufacturing executives, systems managers and project managers for industry leaders. They pride themselves on quick turn-around and quality products and services that ensure customer satisfaction.

G&M Services has in house, Gerber Accomack System, Lectra System and Micro dynamics System. We are able to translate and transmit to any system you desire, both domestic and foreign. If you have your own system we are able to convert data from your system to ours.

G&M Specializes In

  • Pattern Making
  • Sample Making
  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Grading
  • Cut Planning
  • PDM
  • Cutting
  • Marker Making
  • Specifications
  • Labels
  • Sewing

G&M Services offers products and services that set the standard for the industry in efficiency, quality and customer services. Please contact us for more information.

G & M Services

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Manufacturing and Labels


After your patterns are graded and marked we can assist you with locating cutting, sewing and shipping. We pride ourselves in being a company that can provide a full package for our customers. A One-Stop Shop.

G & M Services


We Can Supply Our Customers With Care Labels.